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Core System Selection

Guidance, best practices, and tools to ensure a smooth core conversion and sizeable ROI for your organization.

Phase One: As Is & Desired States

With the use of our proprietary questionnaires, we gain a high-level view of the “as is state” of your current technology. Using the completed questionnaires as a baseline, we conduct on-site executive and department interviews to obtain a more detailed understanding of your organization. Taking what we have learned, we are able to pinpoint your “desired state.” This information is then documented in a request for proposal to go to selected vendors.

Phase Two: Vendor Selection

We will recommend several vendors (typically 3 to 5) that best fit with your “desired state” based upon our knowledge of their current capabilities. These vendors are asked to respond to the RFP that we develop and is used to narrow down to the finalists (typically 2) who will be asked to demonstrate their capabilities at your location. Following the demonstrations, we recommend that a select number of your staff visit financial institutions of similar size and structure that are using the favored vendor(s) as further due diligence. Our advisors will then facilitate a meeting with your team to select the vendor of choice based on what you have learned throughout this process.

Phase Three: Contract Negotiations

Our staff has experience in negotiating hundreds of contracts including both the service levels and fees.

Phase Four: Implementation

As an option we can provide project management for the installation of the new system to aid in keeping the selected vendor on task for a smoother conversion.

Phase Five: Confirmation

Following the conversion, we can review the contract and compare it to what has been delivered to ensure that everything was completed by the vendor as promised. We will also review invoices to verify the accuracy of their billing.

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